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22 Jan What Clothes Post Kit Do I Require
George 0 9
What clothes post kit do I require?At Charles Watson’s, we like to make things easier for you which is why we have created our clothes posts kits that are supplied with everything you need to get your washing line clothes post set up. We have a kit for all common situations, which include: wall to wall, post to wall & post to post.Wall to wall clea..
14 Jan How to use ratchet straps
George 0 71
How to use ratchet strapsRatchet straps are tie down straps that are used for a wide variety of applications, but the most common use of ratchet straps is for the use of transporting goods and heavy loads. This is because they are very effective when strapping goods together or to the ground, no matter the weight.There are two essential things to k..
12 Dec Product Spotlight: Jigtech Pro
George 0 142
Available in our Halifax & Leeds branches, we have the Jigtech Pro which is a premium product that is designed for joiners, with longevity in mind, and is highly suitable for professionals when installing multiple doors on a regular basis.This piece of kit contains everything you need to fit the Jigtech door handle and latch system.What’s in the ki..
25 Nov How to prevent van & tool theft
George 0 241
Tool theft is at an all-time high in the UK, and approximately 98% of tradespeople are worried that their tools may be stolen from their van. According to the West Midlands Police, a van is broken into approximately once every 23 minutes – that’s approximately 62 thefts a day, or 22630 a year.For independent tradespeople, their tools are their life..
20 Nov How to keep your bike safe in the winter
George 0 131
Many of us in the UK commute to work on a bike and it can be essential to our way of life. The only problem with this is that bike theft is huge, and they’re always at risk of been stolen. This risk only increases in the winter, as it gets darker much sooner meaning thieves have more cover. This guide will show you what steps to take to protect you..
20 Nov Top 5 home DIY mistakes you will make this winter
George 0 179
The 'I'll finish it tomorrow' excuseWhen we have a project to complete, we all wake up with the aim to complete it by the end of the day, but when the end of the day arrives, we tell ourselves that we’ll ‘finish it tomorrow’. This is a common occurrence over winter, especially if the project is an exterior one. It’s cold in the winter, which is why..
19 Nov How to prepare for the winter working as an independent tradesman
George 0 154
Wear the correct clothingThe first thing to point out is that in the Winter, it can get extremely cold and you must not underestimate this as you risk hypothermia when working in the cold for extended periods of time. Dress for the weather.Piece of clothing to consider are:Waterproof jacketsWaterproof trousersA fleeceThermals & BaselayersGlovesStur..
11 Nov The different types of Jigsaw Blades
George 0 215
When it comes to jigsaw blades, there is a huge variety for you to choose from and each have different features that will effect the type of cut, speed of cut and a different fitting type. It’s important to choose the right blade for the saw that you have and for the material you are cutting.The ShankPossibly the most important feature of a blade i..
08 Nov How to install your twin slot shelving uprights and brackets
George 0 300
This guide will show you how to install your brackets and uprights for your new Twin Slot Shelving system ready for a shelf to be added. We will also show you how to install a wooden shelf. Before proceeding to read this guide, we advise that you view our technical guide for accurate measurements for your shelving.What you will need• Spirit level• ..
07 Nov Restoration of Fred Dibnah's headgear at the Lancashire Mining Museum
George 0 72
At Charles Watson Ironmongers Ltd, we often wonder what some of our products are being used for aside from general DIY, which is why we were thrilled when Tim, from the Lancashire Minining Museum, informed us that the screws that they purchased from us were used on a restoration of Fred Dibnah’s wooden headgear. The headgear was originally used for..
05 Nov Why SpeedFit technology is the most reliable and efficient type of pipe fitting
Zak 0 42
Why SpeedFit technology is the most reliable and efficient type of pipe fittingSpeedFit is well known within the plumbing industry, and that’s not just because it’s a common part. SpeedFit delivers reliable, leak-proof components that are essential for ensuring each and every plumbing installation is easier, quicker and allows the installer to work..
16 Oct The New TUFF Phones
Zak 0 67
Do you need a TUFF phone?How many times have you smashed your mobile phone while working on-site, or just while being out and about? At least once, surely? So, you understand the frustration of having to repair or replace your mobile phone. Well, TUFF Phones have a solution in the form of their Tough Mobile Phones range, featuring the T1, T10, and ..
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