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16 Dec How To Keep Your Home Warm Throughout Winter
George 0 171
The only thing stopping you from turning the heating up to full blast is probably the electric bill that comes with it. We’re often reluctant to turn the heating on as we may not feel the need, and then proceed to shiver all through the winter months. To overcome both issues, we’ve written this guide that highlights alternative methods to keep warm..
07 Dec Twin Slot Shelving Technical Information
George 0 143
Getting the dimensions correct when installing your new twin slot shelving system is essential. Our guide below will show you all the dimensions and measurements you should require to get your set of twin slot shelving installed securely...
12 Nov What is a Laser Welded Diamond Blade?
George 0 121
When browsing our wide selection of diamond blades, you may notice that some blades are labelled as “laser welded” and are intrigued to discover what this means. A blade that is laser welded is a blade that has been manufactured using laser beam welding. This is where two or more materials are welded together, but using laser technology. Laser weld..
01 Nov How Installers & Tradesman Can Stay Safe During Lockdown 2
George 0 141
No matter the emergency, installers & tradesmen are key workers and have played a key role in keeping the country running throughout the pandemic, and with Lockdown 2 looming, it’s essential that you know how keep yourself and your customers safe while working on site.Consider if the visit is safeNo matter the job, you should be calling the custome..
07 Sep What can I use to Protect my House from Paint Spillage?
Robbie 0 310
Painting a wall or ceiling in a room can be a messy task, this will look at what you can use to protect your household’s furniture and surfaces from paint stains. What should I use to Protect Myself and My Room? While you are painting a room, it is almost impossible to not make a mess without protective sheets and tapes. This is why extra care must..
02 Sep What Protective Equipment You Should Use At Work
Robbie 0 308
If you are constantly working with dangerous tools every day then you are at a high risk of hurting yourself over an extended period of time, the following list of products will reduce this risk massively.The Common Types of Workplace ProtectionDifferent worksites require different personal protective gear so before you buy protection, make sure th..
26 Aug How To Paint Skirting Boards
Robbie 0 415
When it comes to skirting boards, it is important to ensure they are correctly painted because the purpose of a skirting board is to give a room a professional finish, and if they are not correctly painted this ruins the effect they have on the room.   What should I be using to paint? To ensure that your skirting boards have the best finish possibl..
26 Aug Different Types Of Paint Finishes
George 0 207
When it comes to painting, you can’t just pick a colour and paint. It’s a bit more complex than that. Each paint you see will have a different ‘sheen’, most commonly gloss, semi-gloss, satin, eggshell or matte. Again, you shouldn’t pick the one that you think looks nicer. Different sheens of paint are better suited to different types of room, based..
24 Aug How To Paint a Wall
George 0 219
Re-creating the appearance of your home doesn’t have to be difficult, and a task as simple as painting your wall can go a very long way in transforming the feel of your home, and it can be done on a budget. There are a few things you will need first, and a few preparation steps before you start painting.Tools & EquipmentA tin of paintPaintbrush & r..
27 Jul How to Install a Cabinet Handle
George 0 134
Cabinet handles are a small detail you will find on the cupboards and cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom. Although it’s only a small detail, choosing an appropriate handle can really make the difference between a good makeover and a bad one. They’re also relatively simple to install, as long as you have the tools required. These are:A screwdriver..
21 Jul Different Types of Plasterboard Fixings
George 0 196
When installing shelving and other appliances into plasterboard, you’ll need to use a specific fixing as plasterboard isn’t as strong as a standard wall. There are various plasterboard fixings available, and most of them are on our website. The most common types are spring toggles, speed plugs & plasterboard plugs. There are also GripIt fixings who..
14 Jul Myth Buster: Diamond Blades
George 0 187
Diamond blades are a very useful power tool accessory for various DIY & construction jobs, and they are definitely worth investing in for your project. However, many users will wear out diamond blades quicker than expected, or the material won’t cut, and this is due to the many myths and misconceptions about diamond blades that mislead customers in..
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