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11 Dec Charlet Watson Christmas Opening Hours 2023
Dhruv 0 628
As the Christmas and New Year period approaches, we are delighted to give you advance notice of our opening hours. Date Times 21st December 2023 8:00am to 12:00pm 22nd December 2023 Closed 23rd December 2023 Closed 24th December 2023 - Christmas Eve Clo..
02 Oct Halloween Social Media Giveaway!
Harvey 0 694
Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with a spine-tingling giveaway? We at Charles Watson LTD are thrilled to announce our Spooktacular Halloween Giveaway! Get ready for a chance to win amazing prizes, connect with fellow Halloween enthusiasts, and embrace the spirit of this ghostly holiday. Don't miss out on t..
17 Jul The Cost-Effective Way to Maximize Space: The Ultimate Guide to Twin Slot Shelving
Robbie 0 709
In today's world, storage space needed for a homeowner's growing number of positions is essential if you want a tidy and well-arranged room space. Twin Slot shelving is the perfect solution for a dynamic storage solution that allows you to change the arrangement of your shelving brackets.The Basics of Twin Slot Shelving:Twin-slot shelving solutions..
10 Mar Frank Key Builders Merchants Nottingham
Robbie 0 1205
Are you a tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast based in Nottingham looking for a one-stop shop for all your building and tool hire needs? Look no further than Frank Key Builders Merchants Nottingham!Frank Key Builders Merchants NottinghamFrank Key Builders Merchants Nottingham offers a multi-industry range of products and services suitable for DIY and ..
27 Feb Best Timber DIY Projects for 2023
Robbie 0 1017
This blog is a guest post from Frank key builders merchants detailing how frank key Daybrook Nottingham is the best spot for timber in Nottingham.Frank Key NottinghamFrank Key Nottingham is the best timber merchant in Nottingham with a range of timber products to choose from at competitive pricing,Frank Key, one of Nottingham's leading timber suppl..
13 Oct How to Stop Outdoor Faucets From Freezing During Winter
Robbie 0 1979
If this winter turns out to be as extreme as the summer, we are in for a cold one. If you are someone who uses your outdoor tap throughout the year, then you will need a solution in place to stop your faucet from freezing up.Why do I Need to Protect my Outdoor Faucet?A frozen faucet can cause a lot more than just a slight inconvenience, a whole hos..
07 Jun 5 Gift Ideas For Fathers Day
Robbie 0 1766
With fathers day coming up on the 20th of June it's time to start thinking of some useful gift ideas for your dad. If your dad is into his DIY then Charles Watsons has all the gift ideas you will need this year.We offer a range of ideas from small cheap gift ideas to larger gifts that you could use as a joint present if you have brothers and sister..
16 Dec How To Keep Your Home Warm Throughout Winter
George 0 2378
The only thing stopping you from turning the heating up to full blast is probably the electric bill that comes with it. We’re often reluctant to turn the heating on as we may not feel the need, and then proceed to shiver all through the winter months. To overcome both issues, we’ve written this guide that highlights alternative methods to keep warm..
07 Dec Twin Slot Shelving Technical Information
George 0 4175
Getting the dimensions correct when installing your new twin slot shelving system is essential. Our guide below will show you all the dimensions and measurements you should require to get your set of twin slot shelving installed securely...
12 Nov What is a Laser Welded Diamond Blade?
George 1 2261
When browsing our wide selection of diamond blades, you may notice that some blades are labelled as “laser welded” and are intrigued to discover what this means. A blade that is laser welded is a blade that has been manufactured using laser beam welding. This is where two or more materials are welded together, but using laser technology. Laser weld..
01 Nov How Installers & Tradesman Can Stay Safe During Lockdown 2
George 0 1441
No matter the emergency, installers & tradesmen are key workers and have played a key role in keeping the country running throughout the pandemic, and with Lockdown 2 looming, it’s essential that you know how keep yourself and your customers safe while working on site.Consider if the visit is safeNo matter the job, you should be calling the custome..
07 Sep What can I use to Protect my House from Paint Spillage?
Robbie 0 1438
Painting a wall or ceiling in a room can be a messy task, this will look at what you can use to protect your household’s furniture and surfaces from paint stains. What should I use to Protect Myself and My Room? While you are painting a room, it is almost impossible to not make a mess without protective sheets and tapes. This is why extra care must..
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