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02 Jul How To Damp Proof Your Home
George 0 14
Damp can be a big issue in your home, and it is very important that you identify the cause and fix the issue as soon as possible. A bit of damp is tolerable, but if it’s left to linger, it can start to affect your health as well as looking quite grotty. The blog post will take you through a rundown of the steps to take to identify if you have damp,..
30 Jun How To Fix An Internal Door
George 0 40
No matter how perfectly you install a door or its hinges, after time and use, problems will start to occur with the door. This guide will go through the types of problems it that can occur on your door, and how to fix them.Stiff or Squeaky DoorOne of the most irritating problems that can happen to your door is that they become squeaky or stiff. It’..
26 Jun 5 Reasons Why You Need a Summerhouse
George 0 43
A summerhouse acts as a defining factor when it comes to the personality of your garden, and they add bursts of colour and character while providing many uses to both you and your garden. They can be used as storage, or you can set up your office in them. Find out more things you can do with them, and we think they're a great addition to any garden..
24 Jun How to Refinish Your Garden Fence
George 0 78
Sometimes you will notice that your garden has got a bit dull, and a facelift might be needed. A good way to kick start this facelift is to refinish your fencing. Adding a bit of consistency to your fences will make them more attractive and your garden will look much better with one.Check the current conditionBefore carrying out any work, it’s wise..
22 Jun Product Spotlight: House One Sliding Door System
George 0 34
The House One sliding door system is the perfect addition to add a modern touch to your home, and they can be installed on both standard entrance doors as well as walk in wardrobes. They are top hung and operate in a smooth and quiet manner, making them ideal for the home.How Does It Work?The House One door system utilises a simple sliding door sys..
18 Jun What Are Mop & Trolley Kick Plates?
George 0 31
Kick plates are more often than not used as a wide, thin plate and installed at the bottom of a door. This is so that you can kick the door open in your hands are full, hence the name ‘kick’ plate. But what if you’re in an area where trolleys, mops and other large items are being wheeled around?Mop PlatesA mop plate is often made out of stainless s..
16 Jun Simple & Effective Tips To Naturally Cool The Temperature Of a Room
George 0 44
In the midst of Summer, temperatures can hit very high highs, and being stuck inside while it’s so warm can be a very infuriating discomfort. This is why we’ve come up with some quick, easy and cost-effective tips to easily cool your room. Some of these you will have heard of, and others might lead you to try something new.Shut your windowsThis mig..
12 Jun How to Comply to Social Distancing Rules With Hazard Safety Tape
George 0 79
To adhere to current social distancing rules, we all must take measures to reduce the rate of infection. If you’ve ventured out throughout lockdown, you’ll notice that supermarkets may have placed safety tape to adhere to the two-metre social distancing role. This is a visual barrier of how far apart you should be standing apart from somebody else,..
08 Jun Product Spotlight: Everbuild Wonder Wipes
George 0 59
Wonder Wipes are a very popular option, and often the first choice for tradesmen and builders across the country when it comes to cleaning tools, hands & surfaces. This is because they are specially formulated to clean almost anything, including hands, tools, surfaces from wet & semi-cured paint, sealant, adhesive, bitumen, expanding foam, oil, gre..
05 Jun How to Repair Wooden Furniture With Wax Filler Stick
George 0 59
Wax filler sticks are a quick and easy solution for fixing cracks, scratches and nail holes in wood. They are perfect for the task because they don’t fully harden, so the wax remains in position for a very long time making the furniture or item look as good as new. It is also easily topped up in case it does wear away over time. Filler sticks are t..
03 Jun Can You Cut Trees & Branches With a Reciprocating Saw?
George 0 46
Typically, a chainsaw is an ideal tool for cutting trees, branches and bushes. Unknown to many, a reciprocating saw, with the right blade, can be as good as a chainsaw for the task. Using a reciprocating saw for this will work out much cheaper, and you can get it done much quicker and cleaner too.Cutting With a Reciprocating SawIf you’re cutting tr..
01 Jun How To Replace a Cylinder Door Lock
George 0 67
Cylinder locks are used in most double doors, French doors & patio doors as they provide a high level of security. Some provide a higher level of security than others, which means that if you want to upgrade the security of your door then you will need to know how to replace a cylinder lock. This guide will take you through the process step-by-step..
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