When browsing our wide selection of diamond blades, you may notice that some blades are labelled as “laser welded” and are intrigued to discover what this means. A blade that is laser welded is a blade that has been manufactured using laser beam welding. This is where two or more materials are welded together, but using laser technology. Laser welding is commonly used when the standard method of welding is difficult to perform, such as with diamond blades.

When laser welding is used on diamond blades, it is to connect the segments to the core of the blade, and there are many benefits of this. Firstly, this type of blade will have a significantly longer life span as the bond is much stronger than in a standard diamond blade. This will also greatly reduce the risk of damaged segments.

We advise that, if you’re looking for a blade that will last longer, you should go for a laser welded blade. They are more efficient and have an average lifespan of 35% more than a standard blade.