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Cleaning Fluids

2L White Spirit
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Product Code: 789541
This is a highly refined solvent that is used to strip and thin oil-based paint, perfect for cleaning paint off areas where it has splashed over while painting. Is also commonly used to de oil machinery and moving parts that might have a lot of built-up oil on them.Features: Perfect for paint strippingGood for cleaning paint brushesDisclaimer:Highly flammableCan irritate skinSpecification:Product Type: Cleaning FluidsSize: 2L..
500ml Cream Cleaner
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Brand: Calibre Product Code: 978234
This is lemon-scented cleaner is used for grime dirt and grease and stains off of stainless steel aluminium and chrome that are typically found in kitchens and bathrooms. Apply it lightly and polish with a cloth, be careful not overapply it. Features:Cleans stainless steelCleans aluminiumLemon scentedPerfect for bathrooms and kitchensDisclaimer:High alkaline contentWash hands after use of productKeep away from childrenSpecification:Product Type: Cleaning FluidsSize: 500ml..
Brand: Calibre Product Code: 822545
This product is a large bottle of bleach which is commonly used to do a major cleaning of areas that are prone to build up high levels of germs. When this is effectively used it kills all germs and bacteria which is commonly found to build up over time in kitchens bathrooms and floors. Can also be used on most surfaces such as wood metal and tiles when diluted with water. This is a very large bottle which is better suited for commercial usage rather than domestic usage. Features:Multisurface cleanerHighly antibacterialPerfect for commercial usageDisclaimer:CorrosiveCan be irritating to skinKeep away from childrenSpecification:Product Type: Cleaning FluidsSize: 5L..
Product Code: 460987
Specification:Product Type: Cleaning FluidsSize: 5L..
5L Pine Disinfectant
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Brand: Calibre Product Code: 466701
A light disinfectant that is cheap and mild with a fresh pine fragrance, commonly used on floors, walls, drains, and bins. Easily diluted into water to be used with a mop or cloth. Large 5L capacity allows it to be suitable for usage in commercial settings.Features:Pine scentperfect for cleaning floorsGood for commercial settingSpecification:Product Type: Cleaning FluidsSize: 5L..
Aerosol Spray Air Freshener
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Brand: Calibre Product Code: 999938
Specification:Product Type: Cleaning Fluids..
Brand: Calibre Product Code: 999939
This product is a cleaning and polishing spray to be used on stainless steel, perfect for kitchens which often have modern polished stainless steel fridges, ovens, and other household appliances.Features: Perfect for kitchensDisclaimer:Pressurised canFlammable spraySpecification:Product Type: Cleaning Fluids..
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