Painting a wall or ceiling in a room can be a messy task, this will look at what you can use to protect your household’s furniture and surfaces from paint stains.


What should I use to Protect Myself and My Room?


While you are painting a room, it is almost impossible to not make a mess without protective sheets and tapes. This is why extra care must be taken while panting a room full of furniture, as sometimes it is easier to cover your furniture rather than moving it all out of the room. Walls and floors need to also be protected as you will often find yourself painting a surface that is right next to another surface, tapes are often used to solve this problem. It is also important to protect yourself from paint, especially if you don’t have any clothes you don’t care about getting dirty to were during painting.


Masking Tape

Masking tape is used to protect surfaces directly adjacent to painted surfaces and around fixings and other wall-mounted items that cannot be removed. Some good examples of a wall or mounted items you will need to protect are door hinges, light switches, and skirting boards. Masking tape is used by simply sticking it around the item you want to protects edge, or if it’s a surface stick a strip of tape flush along an edge of a wall or between the top edge of the wall and the ceiling. Make sure you use masking tape or painting tape and not a different kind of tape as most of them will damage the surface it sticks to.


Dust sheets

A dust sheet is an ideal solution for covering big objects or room furniture that cannot be easily removed from the room your painting in. Dust sheets can be used on floors, furniture, doorframes, and much more. Usually, these sheets are made of thin plastic like polythene so that they are lightweight and waterproof. When using a dust sheet make sure that you make sure that it is secured in place before you start painting to prevent any exposed areas on your protected object from being exposed to paint. When using a dust sheet make sure that you don’t get all the mess on the sheet in your house, pack you the dust sheet properly, and make sure you don’t spill anything from the dust sheet in your house while removing it. If you want to use your sheet multiple times it might be a good idea to clean the sheet down before you pack it away.


Disposable overalls

Disposable overalls are perfect for domestic painting as most people don’t want to buy more expensive non-disposable work overalls if they are only going to use them once or twice. These kinds of overalls are made from thin plastic, making them easy to tear, however, if this happens, they can easily be repaired using tape so that they can be used again. Despite this being a disposable product, it can easily be used multiple times, making it a very cost-effective solution to protecting your cloths from paint.

If you use the information in this blog properly, you should know how to easily protect yourself and your environment from paint spillage.