With fathers day coming up on the 20th of June it's time to start thinking of some useful gift ideas for your dad. If your dad is into his DIY then Charles Watsons has all the gift ideas you will need this year.

We offer a range of ideas from small cheap gift ideas to larger gifts that you could use as a joint present if you have brothers and sisters from your siblings to your father.

This list will run from the cheapest option to the most expensive. 

Allen Key Set

An Allen key set is perfect for a small and useful gift idea that most dad will need at some point to do simple tasks from building flat-pack furniture, fixing household appliances or even fixing bikes.

Faithfull 3 Piece Haxagonal Key Set - Metric, Imperial & Star Set


A hammer is another great tool that is needed for a wide range of DIY jobs, this means that if your dad doesn't have one then he most likely use it at some point. This is a cheap gift idea that is great as a simple gift and here at Charles Watsons, we sell a wide range of options from the top brands for any customers budget.

Faithfull 16oz Claw Hammer

Work Boots

Work boots are a great option if your dad works an on-site job because even if they already have a pair of boots these wear out very quickly if they are being used almost every day in a tough environment he will need a new pair annually.

DeWalt Extreme Safety Work Boots - UK Size 8


If your dad is older and likes to do his gardening then a new quality wheelbarrow is the perfect choice of gift for making gardening an easier job for your dad. Charles Watsons has a great range of brilliant wheelbarrows for some of the best brands in the UK.

Lasher 65L Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow With Rubber Wheel

Auto Shelter

An auto shelter is an expensive option however it is more than viable if you and a few of your siblings all chip in towards it your dad has a large front garden or lots of lands. These are brilliant for protecting cars from weathering, bird poo, falling leaves and braches and much more.

12 x 16 ft Compact Auto Shelter

Hopefully one of these ideas are ideal for your dad, and if not please browse a large range of products to find something that is more fitting for your dad.