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10L Metal Jerry Can
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Product Code: 779319
Specification:Product Type: Jerry CansSize: 10LMaterial: Metal..
Product Code: 774772
This product is a 5-litre metal jerry can, perfect for emergency fuel for a car that runs out of fuel. This features a metal handle to allow it to be easily carried around while it is full of fuel.Features:5-Litre capacityMetal handle Specification:Product Type: Jerry CansSize: 5LMaterial: Metal..
Product Code: 849170
This product is a budget plastic snow shovel with a wooden handle, perfect for domestic use such as clearing snowed up driveways so your car can get in and out easily.Features:It has a plastic headIt has a wooden handle Perfect for domestic use Specification:Product Type: Snow ScoopsMaterial: Plastic..
Hi-Viz Traffic Jacket (L)
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Product Code: 326050
Specification:Product Type: Hi-Viz JacketsSize: L..
Hi-Viz Traffic Jacket (M)
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Product Code: 326049
Specification:Product Type: Hi-Viz JacketsSize: M..
Hi-Viz Traffic Jacket (XL)
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Product Code: 326051
Specification:Product Type: Hi-Viz JacketsSize: XL..
Product Code: 778811
this product is a jerry can nozzle for a jerry can, perfect for replacing a broken jerry can without having to buy a new one. This features a bendy rubber nozzle to prevent scratching and allow for flexibility while pouring fuel into a tank.Features:Replaceable partBendy rubber Cap End Specification:Product Type: Jerry Can Nozzles..
Omega Plastic Snow Sledge
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Product Code: 257776
Specification:Product Type: Snow SledgesMaterial: Plastic..
Product Code: 433015
Specification:Product Type: Tow Ropes..
Red Bobkat Snow Sledge
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Product Code: 257823
This is a red Bobkat snow sledge, perfect for having fun in the snow for all ages. This sledge is 40cm x 90cm and has a recommended weight limit of up to 60 kilograms. It has an attached rope for holding on while on the sledge, or for dragging it around.Features:It is made from red plasticThe sledge can hold up to 60kgComes with an attached ropeSpecification:Product Type: Snow Sledges..
Tyre Air Pressure Gauge
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Product Code: 258235
These products are used to test the air pressure on your tyres, perfect for checking if your tyres are at the most effective air pressure for fuel-efficiency. This is perfect for van driver or anyone who spends a lot of time on the roads.Features: Perfect for people who drive frequently This measures from 10 - 100 PsiThis is a pack of 1Specification:Product Type: Pressure Gauge..
Product Code: 258236
This product is used to test your tyre's tread to see if you need to change them. This is very important to due because you can get fined or fail your M.O.T if you are caught with bold tyres because they are dangerous to drive with due to the lack of grip on the road. This product has a small pin that is stuck into the tyre tread to test depth of the tread.Features:Used to test tyre treadPerfect for road safetySpecification:Product Type: Pressure Gauge..
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