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Product Code: 774772
This product is a 5-litre metal jerry can, perfect for emergency fuel for a car that runs out of fuel. This features a metal handle to allow it to be easily carried around while it is full of fuel.Features:5-Litre capacityMetal handle Specification:Product Type: Jerry CansSize: 5LMaterial: Metal..
Product Code: 849170
This product is a budget plastic snow shovel with a wooden handle, perfect for domestic use such as clearing snowed up driveways so your car can get in and out easily.Features:It has a plastic headIt has a wooden handle Perfect for domestic use Specification:Product Type: Snow ScoopsMaterial: Plastic..
Product Code: 326049
Specification:Product Type: Hi-Viz JacketsSize: M..
Product Code: 326051
Specification:Product Type: Hi-Viz JacketsSize: XL..
Jerry Can Nozzle
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Product Code: 778811
this product is a jerry can nozzle for a jerry can, perfect for replacing a broken jerry can without having to buy a new one. This features a bendy rubber nozzle to prevent scratching and allow for flexibility while pouring fuel into a tank.Features:Replaceable partBendy rubber Cap End Specification:Product Type: Jerry Can Nozzles..
Product Code: 433015
Specification:Product Type: Tow Ropes..
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