In today's world, storage space needed for a homeowner's growing number of positions is essential if you want a tidy and well-arranged room space. Twin Slot shelving is the perfect solution for a dynamic storage solution that allows you to change the arrangement of your shelving brackets.

The Basics of Twin Slot Shelving:

Twin-slot shelving solutions consist of brackets, uprights and shelves

We offer all the parts with all the fixings you might need so you can get everything you need to install a full-storage solution from Charles Watson. 

We offer a range of colours and sizes:

Our heavy-duty white shelf brackets in heavy-duty versions are built to withstand higher loads.



  • White
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Silver
  • Chrome
  • Stainless steel

Benefits of Twin Slot Shelving:

Twin slot shelving is a cost-effective solution, perfect for a shop or a garage storage solution.

Moveable shelving brackets

The main selling benefit is the twin slot shelving brackets, these can easily be moved around to rearrange the shelves or to add more at a later date without having to remove fixings or use tools. All you need to do is snap the bracket out of the twin slots and slot it into another location on the upright.

Easy installation:

Anyone with a little bit of experience in DIY can fix the uprights to a wall, all you need is to get the appropriate fixings for the surface your shelves are being fixed to. Twin slot shelving uprights are mainly fixed to plasterboard or bricks which require wall plugs with screws or plasterboard fixings with screws.

Applications of Twin Slot Shelving:

Twin slot shelving prioritises functionality and cost-effectiveness over style, perfect for garage or small shop storage. Twin slot shelving kits are great for turning overcrowded rooms into well-organized spaces allowing you to free up some much-needed floor space.

Twin slot shelving can be used for shop floors allowing for easy rearrangement of your store with the dynamic twin slot brackets. 

We offer heavy-duty white shelf brackets that are ideal for heavy loads like tools, hardware and liquid containers.

Making the Most of Twin Slot Shelving:

Twin-slot shelving is a great solution for someone who wants to slowly build up the storage solution over time as large-scale shelving units can add up in costs. so you can buy most of the uprights and buy brackets and shelves as and when you need them.

Good practice with our range of brackets is to measure what you plan to store before you buy a solution. This ensures that you can decide what size of bracket you will be needing in your solution. also weighing the items you plan to store might be a good idea if you think they could cause weight issues.


Twin slot shelving is the perfect storage solution for tools storage rooms in a shed or garage and they can also be a nice simplistic solution for other rooms in the house, they might not have a fancy design but they work, they're long-lasting and they are cost-effective.