If you are constantly working with dangerous tools every day then you are at a high risk of hurting yourself over an extended period of time, the following list of products will reduce this risk massively.

The Common Types of Workplace Protection

Different worksites require different personal protective gear so before you buy protection, make sure that you consider what risks are on your site and then buy your safety equipment based on that. Below this, I will discuss some of the types of protection that are available on the market and discuss why they are important.

Hand Protection

Gloves are often used when working with materials with sharp edges or with highly abrasive materials that could damage the user’s hands. Gloves can also be very useful to help keep the user’s hands clean when they are dealing with rust, dust, oil, and dirt-covered areas, doing this is very important because long term exposure to these can cause skin damage. A good product for on-site workers would be Kevlar grip coated gloves.

Ear Protection

Ear protection is very important while working with loud power tools as long-term non-protection can cause serious hearing damage. Examples of jobs that might require ear protection are drilling, sawing, grinding, or hammering. To protect your ears, you can use foam earplugs or larger ear defenders, for extra protection you could easily use both at the same time.

Eye Protection

Safety glasses and goggles are important to a worker that is using power tools on hard or dusty materials due to the fast-moving fragments that are produced while using power tools. Metal is one of the most dangerous materials to use power tools on as it can often produce sharp metal fragments that can sometimes turn into projectiles when using drills and saw blades. When drilling and sawing concrete and wood dust is produced that can cause irritation to your eyes, when working with these materials eye protection is a must.

Respiratory protection 

This is often used when there is harmful material dust in the air of the work environment. These could be anything from hatful dust, asbestos, smokes, fumes, vapors, or if you are spraying harmful chemicals. If the correct protection is not worn around these kinds of harmful environments then you are at a higher risk of lung cancer, breathing difficulty, or maybe even death. If you are working in an environment where you are exposed to any of the above then you may want to consider buying a respiratory protector.

How to Stay Safe at Work When working with Tools on Site

While working onsite jobs workers must make sure that they keep safe by using the correct workwear and using protection when necessary. 

On a worksite there are usually some standard requirements that ensure basic safety on-site, these usually involve making sure you can be seen by wearing high visibility clothing and wearing a helmet to ensure any unsecured items don’t fall onto your head while working at heights. There will usually be other requirements for certain sites depending on the tools being used and the work environment its self.

The Correct Work Clothing

When working on-site the correct work clothes are important for your safety as baggy clothes around power tools or low visibility clothes in the dark could cause an injury or a possible death! Baggy clothes could cause a person to get caught on a moving part of a machine or power tool which could easily cause serious injury. Not wearing high visibility vests or clothing can be dangerous in areas where on-site vehicles are being operated, for example, fast-moving scissor lifts or forklifts. If a user is not wearing high visibility clothing then their chances of not being seen by a driver while working increase drastically.

The correct steel toecap protective boots are important to wear in an environment where there are heavy items constantly being moved. These boots will stop your feet from being crushed if a heavy object was to fall on your boot, perfect for people who work on building sites or around forklifts that move heavy objects constantly. 

If you use the information and buy the products that apply to your work environment in this blog then you are sure to massively decrease your chances of having an incident or causing long term damage to your body.