If this winter turns out to be as extreme as the summer, we are in for a cold one.
If you are someone who uses your outdoor tap throughout the year, then you will need a solution in place to stop your faucet from freezing up.

Why do I Need to Protect my Outdoor Faucet?

A frozen faucet can cause a lot more than just a slight inconvenience, a whole host of issues can come from this to damage your property plumbing.

Because water expands when it freezes, a range of issues can arise from a frozen faucet, including; pipes cracking, joints coming loose, valves bursting in extreme cases, all three.

Frozen pipes and faucets can cause problems, including broken components and pipes.

These require manual labour, costing valuable time and money to replace.

Considering the possible issues mentioned, it seems like a sensible investment to get a preventative solution in place.

What temperature do outdoor faucets start to freeze up?

Your outdoor faucet's freezing temperature will depend on how windy it is and how much heat is coming off the wall of your building. 

The standard temperature that the pipe will freeze is around -2 Degrees Celcius, which means they are periods in the UK where this will happen almost every night.

We offer a perfect option for stopping this from happening.

The Stromguard shell tap cover is a cost-effective option, built to prevent outdoor taps from freezing up during cold winter nights.

Here is a video that shows the Stromguard Shell Tap Cover and how to install them on your outdoor tap:

This Stromguard is a very well-priced item considering the damage it can prevent when installed.

Please remember that a tap cover might not stop your faucet from freezing in extreme temperatures.

Remember you must disconnect your hosepipe and its connector if you want to fit the cover.

How to Stop Hosepipes Freezing

If water is left to sit in the hosepipe, the plastic can split, causing a leaky hose.

A good practice is to drain the hosepipe and put it away when it's not in use during the winter months.

Remember to Drain the Faucet

If you are expecting extremely-low temperatures approaching, it might be a good idea to drain the water pipe leading up to your outdoor faucet.

They will often be an indoor valve leading to the outdoor faucet, close this valve and turn on the outdoor tap to drain the water left in the pipe leading up to it.

Doing this will avoid the possibility of pipe damage completely.