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Washing Line Poles

Washing line pole, Washing line post, Clothes posts banner
Washing line pole, Washing line post, Clothes posts banner
Washing Line Poles

Two Head Styles Available

Available in two head styles, including a cleat & pulley style as well as a standard head style.

The cleat & pulley washing line pole allows you to reel your washing line in with your hands, and the standard type allows you to securely tie your washing line to the head of the post.

It's completely down to preference which one you would rather use.

Durable Galvanised Exterior

All of our washing line poles are manufactured with strength and longevity in mind, which is why they all feature a galvanised steel exterior, designed to prevent rusting and corrosion over time.

This increases the durability of the clothes post, which makes WatsonLok clothes posts suitable for any weather conditions.

Ground Socket Included

These washing line poles are supplied with a socket, which we advise for cementing into the ground.

Cementing your clothes post socket into the ground allows you to remove your clothes post as and when required, but more importantly, allows you to securely fix your clothes post to the ground which greatly reduces the chance of the post falling over.

Shop Clothes Post Kits

Check out our range of clothes post kits, which are supplied with all the accessories required to set up your outdoor drying solution; whether you require post to post, post to wall or wall to wall.


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