Why Tuff phones and the What3Words app is the ultimate exploring combination

Tuff phones are known to be the ideal phone for an adventurer and explorer and that isn’t without reason. They are incredibly rugged and can take very heavy knocks without taking a single bit of damage, and on top of this their battery lives are incredible, especially when being compared to a regular mobile phone.

Whether you’re on a country-wide bike ride, hiking up a mountain or are out in the middle of the sea, a Tuff phone is the perfect companion regardless of the environmental conditions. So, that’s your phone covered and at low-risk of any damage…but what about you?

When exploring new landscapes and seas, there is a very high chance of getting lost or even suffering a bad accident. A combination of these, or even just one, can set you in a very bad situation and if your phone is lacking signal then you’re going to struggle to get yourself out of it. Thanks to a new app, you can now alert others to your exact location and all you need is a tiny bit of signal.


What3words is a potentially life-saving app essential for every explorer out there, especially in remote places where phone signal is hard to come by. This app has put 57 trillion squares onto the globe, and each one has a combination of three randomly generated words. For example, the three words for a square at Charles Watson’s Halifax branch is “palm.survey.slower”. In an emergency, these three words can be used by the emergency services to pinpoint your exact location, not just your general area. Even if previously the emergency services have your general location, having the exact location can save significant amounts of time and can be the difference between getting home safe or something much worse.

Why is Tuff + What3words the perfect combination?

The main reason it’s the perfect combination for explorers is that What3words requires a phone signal to be used. You might expect to pick up a signal anywhere in the world with any phone, but you’d be surprised at how many places there are with absolutely no phone signal, especially when you’re exploring. TUFF offers a service called TUFFMultiNet that means your phone gains signal from three different networks provides.

If you have TUFFMultiNet on your phone, you are relying on three different networks to establish a connection whereas using a regular phone you are relying on just the one. This heavily increases your chances of getting a strong connection no matter where you are. For example, if your network provider is Three and their connection drops out then you won’t have a signal. With TUFFMultiNet, if Three drops out, it will connect to either EE or O2 depending on which has the strongest signal.