There’s nothing worse than something being unavailable just when you need to use it. In the winter months, it’s very common for outdoor taps to freeze over and you won’t realise until you actually want to use the tap. Stormguard offer a very simple solution to this problem in the form of their hard shell outside tap cover.

How does it work?

The tap cover is manufactured with a foam rim and a plastic shell containing a thick layer of polystyrene. This creates a warm, insulated pocket of air to surround your tap so once you have installed the cover, your taps will not freeze up.

The tap cover is very quick and easy to fit and uses an adjustable press and pull tight locking system. To install the cover, you must place the loop around the tap handle, stretch the cord away from the top and slide the lock so the cover is held firmly against the wall. All you have to do to take the cover off is pull it away from the tap and down. It’s that simple and takes a matter of seconds.