When installing shelving and other appliances into plasterboard, you’ll need to use a specific fixing as plasterboard isn’t as strong as a standard wall. There are various plasterboard fixings available, and most of them are on our website. The most common types are spring toggles, speed plugs & plasterboard plugs. There are also GripIt fixings who have packs specific for certain applications, such as a radiator pack and TV pack.

Spring Toggle

Spring toggles are used in plasterboard to screw items or objects into a wall. These use a ‘wing’ mechanism in which the wings expand and clamp the fixing into the wall to create a secure fitting. This leaves a screw out of the wall of a certain size for you to screw whatever it is you wish to install into the spring toggle for a secure installation.

Speed Plugs

Speed plugs feature a deep outer threat that serves the purpose of providing a strong and tight grip in plasterboard. The benefit of having a deep thread allows the weight of whatever it is you’re fixing to the wall to be spread out. This reduces the strain on one specific spot in the wall and spreads it out, greatly reducing the risk of the item falling or tearing off. These are best suited for lighter loads to be installed on plasterboard that is in good condition, making them ideal for renovated properties.

Plasterboard Plugs

Platerboard plugs, or more commonly known as Rawlplugs, are a cheap and efficient solution for fixing items to your plasterboard walls. These are installed by drilling a hole for the plug to be inserted into the wall, and then using a screw in the plug. This expands the plug and allows it to grip to the wall securely.