As an ironmonger that sells various door security systems, we thought it would be a good idea to write a list of tips on how to improve the overall security of your home, including procedures to take to make your home less of a target.

Invest in high security locks

You’d be surprised at how many homes in the UK are fitted with locks that aren’t up to standard when it comes to the security of your home. Burglars can identify this from outside, and may target your home if they think they have an easy way to get in. This is why we recommend investing in high security locks, such as the TS007 3* cylinder. These provide the highest level of security and are built with layers or protection to prevent the most common methods a burglar will use to enter your home.

Don’t hide a key

Although hiding a key can be convenient in certain situations, it’s not exactly safe. Most hiding spots for keys are very obvious to a burglar, such as under the bin, in the plant pot or under a rock. This is why we advise against hiding a key in any situation. If it’s important enough for somebody to enter your home while you’re not in, having a spare key cut is an inexpensive and safe option. This is a service available at our Halifax branch

Buy window locks

Unbeknown to many, windows are the weakest point of entry into your home so if you’ve failed to invest in window security then you are leaving a massive risk to your home. Window security can be cheap and easy to install, and will be a strong deterrent to any intruder.

Avoid doors with glass near the handle

Glass on doors tends to be significantly weaker than on windows, leaving it an easy target for an intruder. Burglars can see it as an easy way in, and will often be granted with much easier access if the handle can be reached after the glass is smashed. We recommend installing doors that are a solid material with no glass. 

Motion activated lights

Many people view motion activated lights as a bit excessive, however they are the perfect last-ditch method to keep burglars away from your home. If they approach, and are brought into a beam of light, most of the time, any attempt of burglary will be scrapped there and then.

Leave a light on

When you leave your home, that’s when your security features come into play and there’s no longer anything you can do about protecting your home from an intruder. One simple and inexpensive method to try and deter an intruder while you’re not in your home is to leave a light on, or set timers if you’re going away for a longer period of time. This will make them think that somebody is in, and they will most likely quit any attempt to intrude.