Wax filler sticks are a quick and easy solution for fixing cracks, scratches and nail holes in wood. They are perfect for the task because they don’t fully harden, so the wax remains in position for a very long time making the furniture or item look as good as new. It is also easily topped up in case it does wear away over time. Filler sticks are the best solution for smaller furniture and items, and if you wish to fill in cracks that are in flooring, hard wax would be a better solution. 

How to use a filler stick

To fill in cracks and gaps with a filler stick, you’ll want to cut off a small piece and rub it between your fingers so that it softens up. Once it’s soft enough, press it into the crack using a putty knife or similar shaped edged tool. Now you should rub it into the crack so it’s compressed while removing any excess to allow for a smoother finish. If the stick it too hard, keep it next to a heat source such as a warm radiator or hairdryer. You should not use a flame, heat gun or iron to soften the stick. 

Extra tips

  • To prevent dust or dirt attaching itself to the wax, quickly coat it with clear varnish – This will also help seal the repair but will prevent dust and dirt.
  • If you're not 100% sure of what colour wax to choose, always go for the lighter colour. This ensures that if the colours are slightly off, it won't look as obvious.