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H Newton

Brand: H Newton Product Code: 626204
This is a simple paintbrush on a budget, perfect for domestic use if your only going to get limited use out of the product. Has synthetic bristles and a wooden handle.Features:Synthetic bristlesBudget paintbrushSpecification:Product Type: Paint BrushesSize: 1.1/2"..
Brand: H Newton Product Code: 3612
This is a durable paintbrush made to achieve a more professional finish than a basic paintbrush. It has synthetic and pure bristles attached to a wooden handle.Features:Synthetic bristlesPure bristlesFor professional finishSpecification:Product Type: Paint BrushesSize: 1.1/2"..
Brand: H Newton Product Code: 793527
This is a very durable decorators paintbrush made with quality and strong materials with quality long-lasting bristles, perfect for decorators that need to use a brush on a very often basis.Features:Very durablePerfect for decoratorsLong-lasting bristlesSpecification:Product Type: Paint BrushesSize: 2.1/2"..
Brand: H Newton Product Code: 98766
This is a 230mm metal roller frame designed to fit on a roller sleeve, used as a roll-on painter that is useful for painting walls which would take a while to paint with a brush. Painting sleeve not included with the product.Features:Plastic handleSleeve not includedMetal frameSpecification:Product Type: Painting AccessoriesSize: 230mm..
Brand: H Newton Product Code: 978600
This product is a plastic tray with a deep end and a shallow end made to hold paint and help keep a solid consistent layer of paint when used correctly. This is made for a 230mm roller brush, perfect for use when painting rooms. Features: Shallow endDeep endMade for roller brushesSpecification:Product Type: Painting AccessoriesSize: 9", 230mm..
Brand: H Newton Product Code: 89799
This product is sheepskin wool roller sleeve commonly used with masonry paints to paint a good even finish onto large flat surfaces. It has brilliant paint absorption quality and can easily paint rough surfaces when used correctly. It will fit onto most 9" roller frames on the market.Features:Sheepskin woolBrilliant absorption qualityPerfect for rough surfacesFits with most 9" rollersSpecification:Product Type: Painting AccessoriesSize: 9", 230mm..
Brand: H Newton Product Code: 678581
This is a wooden paintbrush it has synthetic bristle made to give a smooth finish, made for mainly domestic painting usage for painting rooms.Features:Synthetic bristlesWooden handleGives a smooth finishSpecification:Product Type: Paint BrushesSize: 1"..
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